The benefits of Rickenbacker Global Logistics Park…

  • > A multi-modal inland port featuring an international air-cargo airport, a rail intermodal terminal and unparalleled proximity to major metropolitan markets.
  • > A pro-business environment offering incentives aimed at reducing the overall cost of doing business. Companies can receive real estate tax abatement, income tax credits, reduced supply chain costs and benefits of a Foreign-Trade Zone.
  • > A public-private partnership between Duke Realty Corporation, Capitol Square and Columbus Regional Airport Authority to provide state-of-the-art distribution centers through speculative development and built-to-suit activity.
  • > Direct industrial park access to multiple transportation options for domestic shippers, as well as multiple ports for international shippers, provide flexibility and reliability to the supply chain.
  • > Rickenbacker Parkway is designed and approved for the movement of import & export containers that are loaded to maximum weight capacity. The Loaded-to-Capacity Zone allows gross vehicle weight up to 120,000 lbs. or container payloads over 58,000 lbs. to travel with special permit.