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General Information

  • • Encompasses 1,777 acres surrounding Rickenbacker International Airport and adjacent to the new Norfolk Southern intermodal terminal
  • • Capable of handling approximately 30 million square feet of development
  • • Located within a pro-business environment, which offers 15-year, 100 percent real property tax abatements aimed at reducing overall costs of doing business


  • • Within a one-day truck drive to more than 50 percent of the U.S. and Canadian populations
  • • 12 miles southeast of downtown Columbus, Ohio
  • • Easily accessible from I-270, I-71, I-70, Highway 23 and Highway 33

Rickenbacker International Airport

  • • Two parallel, 12,000-foot runways capable of handling any aircraft in the world
  • • Category I and II Landing System for all-weather landing capabilities
  • • Among the largest ports of entry for textiles in the United States

Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal

  • • Provides direct access to and from industrial parks to multiple transportation options, reducing overall transportation costs for domestic and international shippers
  • • More than 300,000 container transfers a year
  • • Provides many advantages, including reduced shipper costs, less environmental emissions, improved safety, and regional competitiveness
  • • In conjunction with the Heartland Corridor Project, provides direct double-stack, next-day rail service to and from the port of Norfolk, Virginia

Rickenbacker Foreign Trade Zone

  • • Includes the General Purpose Zone at Rickenbacker International Airport in Franklin and Pickaway counties
  • • Provides many benefits to companies engaged in international sourcing and distribution through potential deferral, reduction and elimination ­of customs duties

Loaded-to-Capacity Zone

  • • Rickenbacker Parkway is designed and approved for the movement of import and export containers that are loaded to maximum weight capacity
  • • Allows gross vehicle weight up to 120,000 lbs. or container payloads over 58,000 lbs. with special permit